From RehabStudio New York-based visual and performance artist Lia Chavez approached us for a one-of-a-kind collaboration. Lia works with multimedia to explore the behaviour of light in a state of meditation, and instead of a still, calm and quiet place, she’s discovered that deep meditation can in fact trigger visions of stroboscopic light and cataclysmic storm systems. She wanted to share this visceral experience with others, so she came to us to help create her next piece: an 8-hour live performance in Dundee, Scotland.

We created custom code that reads Lia’s brainwaves and, via bluetooth, transmits its signal to a strobe light. We were able to control the signal’s frequency and strength, so that when Lia is in a deep state of meditation, the strobe flashes brightly and intensively, and less so when she is in intermediate states.

Lia’s final performance turned out to be the perfect meeting of technology, science and art that inspired us all to collaborate in the first place.

Here for Poiesis/Tumult