Yoko Ono’s “Grapefruit” 

Ono’s most quintessential single work is probably Grapefruit, the book of more than 150 “instructions” for “pieces” that she first self-published in 1964. (Reissued by Simon & Schuster in 1970, with a forward by Lennon, it became a cult best-seller.) Here is Collecting Piece II in its entirety: “Break a contemporary museum into pieces with the means you have chosen. Collect the pieces and put them together again with glue.” Here is Stone Piece: “Find a stone that is your size or weight. Crack it until it becomes fine powder. Dispose of it in the river. (a) Send small amounts to your friends. (b) Do not tell anybody what you did. Do not explain about the powder to the friends to whom you send.”

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