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  • Spread @3:36AM, 2017-09-22
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    Stephen King on the art of fiction 

    “The keepers of the idea of serious literature have a short list of authors who are going to be allowed inside, and too often that list is drawn from people who know people, who go to certain schools, who come up through certain channels of literature. And that’s a very bad idea—it’s constraining for the growth of literature.” —Stephen King

    Read the full interview from Paris Review

  • Spread @11:39PM, 2017-02-12
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    Love Is Blind and Deaf 

    They ate apples when they ate and, after a while, they knew it all. Eve grasped the purpose of suffering (there is none), and Adam got his head around free will (a question of terminology). They understood why the new plants were green, and where breezes begin, and what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object. Adam saw spots; Eve heard pulses. He saw shapes; she heard tones. And, at a certain point, with no awareness of the incremental process that had led them there, they were fully cured of their blindness and deafness. Cured, too, of their marital felicity.

    Fiction reads from The New Yorker

  • Spread @12:55AM, 2016-08-08
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    Philosophy in fiction 


    Philosophy tends to be arid, more related to mathematics or dispatches from the courtroom than art, but some philosophy exhibits playfulness or poetic sensibility in relation to language or narrative form and some has even been speculative in a literary or imaginative sense. Jean Baudrillard, for one, coined the term “theory fiction” and speculated on scenarios for future real worlds that were more wild and improbable than science fiction. In his case, it was part of a quest to exacerbate the groundlessness of signs and meaning.

    But postmodern suspicion is not the only way in which philosophers have used the strategies of fiction to further their projects. Hegel’s great work Phenomenology of Spirit can be read as a vast novel in which the characters, avatars of the spirit, move progressively through the world and through history.

    Read the rest from The Guardian

  • Spread @11:25PM, 2016-07-03
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    Saul Bellow: The Art of Fiction 

    “A writer should be able to express himself easily, naturally, copiously in a form that frees his mind, his energies. Why should he hobble himself with formalities? With a borrowed sensibility? With the desire to be “correct”? Why should I force myself to write like an Englishman…?” —Saul Bellow

    Read the rest at Paris Review

  • Spread @3:11AM, 2015-11-29
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    100 Notable Books of 2015 

    The year’s notable fiction, poetry and nonfiction, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.

    Source: The New York Times

  • Spread @1:20AM, 2015-10-28
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    The Scariest Story Ever Told 

    At the end of a quiet road, behind a veil of twisted black oak trees, there was a house. A woman lived there. On bitter nights like this one, she sat by the fire and read until she grew tired enough for sleep. But on this night, as her lids grew heavy, she was startled by a sound. A sound she wasn’t accustomed to hearing these days. Who could be calling, she wondered? And this late? She rose from her chair and picked up the phone.


    Read the rest from The New Yorker

  • Spread @1:08AM, 2015-08-04
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    The Buddhist | Alan Rossi 

    ‘It’s a wonderful lesson for both of us’, Alan Rossi on cross cultural, cross territorial wisdom and friendship in ‘The Buddhist’ published in Granta 132: Possession.

    Read Alan Rossi’s “The Buddhist” on Granta

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