The Button-Down Anarchist

[Via The Chronicle of Higher Education] This past September 11, a group of activists gathered at Bluestockings, a cooperatively owned bookstore in lower Manhattan, to learn about fighting fascism in Trump’s America. Some of them were members of “antifa,” a loose network of activists whom the president had just called out as a threat to the country.

Antifa members have been known for starting fires, punching Nazis, and donning balaclavas. At least one person at the bookstore wore a mask. Shelves bearing labels like “anarchism” and “feminist masculinity” were rolled out of the way to make room for the crowd, but there wasn’t enough space for all the people who wanted to hear Mark Bray speak.

Mr. Bray, a 35-year-old who looks even younger than that, is neither a fire-starter or a Nazi-puncher. He is a lecturer of history at Dartmouth College. His weapons of choice are logic and history, his crisp sentences delivered with the vaguest trace of a New Jersey accent.

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