Beckett & Technology


Samuel Beckett died at Christmastime a quarter of a century ago. His work for the theatre remains in constant production throughout the world, and a recent spate of “new” publications (the abandoned short story “Echo’s Bones” and a slew of previously uncollected poetry and translations1) has kept him contemporary and current in literary and theatrical circles. Academia continues to feast on Beckett, with new and frequently quite brilliant books of criticism and analysis (Beckett attracts the best minds) and doctoral dissertations endlessly streaming from departments of literary studies and, more rarely, “Performance” studies. But a quarter of a century also has transformed Beckett into a Classic. I am about to argue and exhort the point that Beckett (or his practice in aesthetics) should still be integrated into the most up-to-date of new and innovative technologies—especially in new digital media or multi-media hybrids he could not have known about.

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