A Short History Of Typewriter Art

Barrie Tullett’s “Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology” documents how typewriters have been used to create astonishing works of graphic art for more than a century.

“This beautiful book brings together some of the best examples by typewriter artists around the world. As well as key historical work from the Bauhaus, H. N. Werkman, and the concrete poets, there is art by contemporary practitioners, both typewriter artists who use the keyboard as a “palette” to create artworks, and artists/ typographers using the form as a compositional device. The book will appeal to graphic designers, typographers, artists, and illustrators, and anyone fascinated by predigital technology.”

Barrie Tullett is Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at the Lincoln School of Art and Design, and cofounder, with Philippa Wood, of The Caseroom Press.




—Via fasctcodesign.com with images courtesy of Amazon.com