Five Poems

Rendezvous Felt

romantic bridges burned

destination opiated
out contrasting revenge,
with physical trivia and ideas of musk

media foundling,
debauch-lit automatic beautiful
luxury apocalypse
appetites vulnerable, precocious indulgent

amused tweakend
opinionated funny escapism,
black satire fixation

deafening pink, nerve mania
doubting overspill,
determined by the virgin of Guadeloupe

rumed holiday launch intensity
tribalism of love when loved
breathless dynamo subvert

rendezvous felt,
down movie theatre isles,
and hanging over balconies under after dark July skies

super-imposed ugliness,
electrocell developing, modern vicious,
curiouser transparent
complimentary hushed
killing unneeded moods


Smell of Rain

headlights lust
speed Nosferatu Doppler
deep lightning storm, ten miles wide
motorway guardrail, over mountains of madness
glancing hard out the side tinted window,
right before rushing through a tunnel
reflections… premonitions,
like caricatured dance forms,
indulged in nodded operatic relevance

no sleep for three days
vamped melancholy,
secret society, opiated tragi-bot
driving on through,
with the release control talents of sympathetic
mayhem outburned
fat of the land sensuals,
rearview ephemeral
consuming passion like air,
die my darling exotic vapors,
beauty that brought about a hate for music,
art-damaged pleasure permanent

swerving in…,
voyeuristic changelessness,
pitier overpowered
regrets decoying,
averse consumptive pathetique
grips on the steering wheel,
white knuckle cumulative
languid exhales instead of leers
tummy ache,
sanguine virulent, internal jewel,
9mm originality

headrest drift,
low sky, black dice swinging blurred
love, one little chill
death nothing more than the smell right before it


Spider Bite Hemisphere

vague sense of dissatisfaction
spider bite hemisphere

please composure
right on by…
femmeling spy-walk, cat power veering
mouthwash Pernod,
kissing circus pro

vice enthused,
eyes bloodshot delirium followed
envy alluring
playing enemy with wink-wink irony,
and a frowns amnesia
savoir fair conjure alpha

looking down darkly,
encounter poacher, so paused
curious Marxist leer,
in simulator undress
strapping field hands,
hinder taut,
with authentic flaws and idle hands

learning to be devastated


Stolen Midwestern Motel Headboard Painting

air-conditioner stuck on 82
birthday blouse hanging from the,
stolen Midwestern motel headboard painting

window closed now,
interior of a scream
blue streak,
trajectory of an argument
my expressions ruined,
to your violent delight

bedroom purge
skoal circle jeans soaking up,
red walls

your hair flipped from your eyes,
matted dried bubble bath
finger waves, with a wrist of memory,
for everyone of my failures

inhaler impression in my forearm
looking at yourself like you have a bug on you
avoiding the truth in decibels
headless temperature
leaking desperate shut-ups

out of the way superstitions,
kicked pizza box on the floor
flawless emotionally, doomer tarus smolder
tripping on a honeymoon towel
slamming the bathroom door

in there long enough for a blood premise,
my forgiveness is restraint
waiting it out ten cigarettes,
ashtray beer bottle caps
furry ruins the tension through the smoke rings

television getting louder, pixels of pain
pay-per-view porno or the exorcist 2
my beliefs deserve this for wanting someone,
a younger body

just an hour ago,
you smelling sport scar seat
legs shaved to tail, siren nails,
pinky toe all the way home
eyes so wild like a David Lee Roth cool Van Halen
sitting in my lap on the bed,
pushing me back
kissing you jealous,
texy-mex swallow the worm
your hair dangling on my chest,
then back hard,
in a tilt-a-whirl of ceiling stares
twisted sheet, waterbed tsunami,
feeling you looser

silent, finally coming out
Jack Daniels barefoot
past the stork beanie baby perched in the door knob
hole in the wall
eyes red, slowly rolling one
temper habits in vain
sashay, “show me your tits” t-shirt,
perfect tattooed stripper strip,
boom box tan,
venereal pulse
assassin laughin’ flippin’ me off

my mood, rumor all over town

with my car keys conscience,
grabbing my wallet full of glamour shots, two dollar
bills, and pass around picture kids

past kitchen table bills

anger looking to avoid irreconcilable differences again
out the front door,
past the American garage angel,
stopping a look back

standing in the yard,
sugar maple helicopter, spinning moonlit down
step aside let it twirl by

fireflies, Star Wars all around me

this is all I have


Vinegar Strokes

young bull,
involved peruse
sterile compressed,
stuffer aggro metabolism

taloned genetics
formaldehyde eyes…

indifferent vectors…
kidney jabs,
big white smiles

circumstance berserker

mag wheels
red station wagon,
empire state lamp, a basketball, and K-mart fans
gasoline lament

three days in a desert motel
dropping bottom,
with two,
crazy daisy, rum and coked fur hand-cuff aeroplane blondes
headhunter menagerie
vinegar strokes,
with the barest of vibe

afters identity, induce DeForce

queer is waiting

Charlton Metcalf is a poet and songwriter. His most recent works appear in 3 AM, Ache, Identity Theory, Retort Magazine, Jack, Social Alternatives, ShoeString Poetry MagEzine, Get Underground, Thunder Sandwich, Between Kisses, xStream, Saucy Vox, The Eintouist, The Literary Journal, The Unarmed Adventurous Poetry Journal. His poem "Cuba" was published in the book Coloring Book: An Eclectic Anthology of Fiction and Poetry by Multicultural Writers. Metcalf is also a musician with the band Lavabloom (,, and founder of the Red Dragon poetry group.