Spaceships arriving, they came all the way here to change us. Skull what I saw that morning and ginger. They say it´s December now. Fishbones, dustbins, envy, cryptogames and all it´s all. Opened the door to parallell universes. Saw uncle Fred by the stairway. Elegance, sophistication. Anyways, starships are magnificent. You know it´s the bomb. Open the door, open it. Lizard crawling-passing and he knows. Urban blocks, subways, logistics contemporary organization swim just sprawl out throughout it the light is yellowish like neon lemon colored you can go there everything is possible fetch the cucumber fetch the future go up to the attic the beasts are awoken look in the peek hole i dare you. Straight up now tell me is it gonna be me and you forever or are you caught up in the hit and run. You know, it´s easy when you know how. Chainsaw blizzards, veins of dark blue acid. Fitness means efficiency. It´s like, three blow-jobs when you´re in a coma. Little black wings and popcorn floating in the air. Burnt skin, testimonies, revival efficiency. Total wave control. Blue eyes sticky fingers coal mine workers arthritis ladybug computer games CONTROL LOST widescreen tv spastic rage Vienna dopesmokers shadazz morphine sand beach palm trees a cheesy sunset village under the sun memories pompeji rave parties female chinese factory workers assets fame factory capitalism flavour coca-cola plastic acid sugartooth rape volcano vulva candle lit by the alley mercury cave feathery Heather it was that kind of a morning one of those days you know it stenches of gasoline and cactus fruit you probably have a few hundred of those mornings in your life it´s all about how you deal with them i mean you could for instance just scream´n´hide or you could face the facts and like just be a man or whatever just fall apart or jump the hedge eat her out or loosen up. So either you start running like hell or you just be easy and deal with shit. With the new situation with all the stuff you suppressed to get where you are. B-cuz Angie says herring is good for your complexion and Fred takes walks around town every sunday evening. Pavement and concrete, that´s what it´s about. Roots and determination. Sizzling dungeons moving pictures lost highways jelly beans denim jeans a cushion and a snake lofty concrete buildings awesome waves camels and truck drivers waves and more waves, of various shapes, surfer´s paradise, holiday inn, and all that. Seriously, when Sandra laughs it´s hard to stay focused. She laughs rather than giggles and when I first heard her laugh I didn´t know what to do with myself. She came all the way from Amsterdam to work as a taxi driver here in Helsinki. She knew four languages, liked to smoke and go shopping in the weekends (and sometimes after work too). She said she got fed up with Amsterdam and a friend told her about this job in this town for a taxi company and

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