write by numbers


do it yourself kits
anyone can write—just pick up a pen
turn on the computer
self-help poetry
writing is the path to recovery
no need for discipline, hours
years, devotee, this pursuit
can be yours in just a matter of days


concerned with immortality?
here is a host of discoveries
we can train you to be a poet
through books and images
what we believe beauty is
is often difficult
to ascertain
your own opinion
your own view point
let us help you
just scan the information below
for the correct subject
and in the second column
choose from the words listed
the banal reflections:


no quick pity to wipe away excuses
the lingering singe of before
all the above is yours for just 2,304 dollars
ladies and gentlemen, we boastfully
sell the best kit ever assembled

Irene Koronas is a US-based multimedia artist who writes poetry and essays after hours of earning money doing something else.