east main and 4th

standing next to me-
on e. main and 4th-
an ancient child-
with amber-colored eyes-
beneath the crimson evening sky-
the child speaks to me-
of sacred skid row sanctuaries-
of tattoo parlour churches-
and of safe havens-
filled with spirits-
the child speaks of disciples-
dressed in seersucker suits-
and alligator boots-
of virgins in tight dresses-
with solitary tattooed tears-
and of the holy men-
in railroad boots-
standing at the corner-
spreading the gospel-
for the honest world to hear.
lucifer stands below-
the prophesied neon arrow-
that leads the way to heaven-
around here everyone knows-
the tracks are skid marks-
ending in the alleys-
that remind each and everyone-
that hell is never far away.

M.A. Littler was raised in the Old World and the New World, at airports, on junkyards, in motels and restaurants. He found employment as a bouncer, a barkeeper, a cab driver, a translator, a screenwriter, a journalist, even as an ambulance driver. All employment was short-lived. In 1999, Littler founded Slowboat Films—a haven for truly independent cinema. In his films and writing he has displayed an unhidden affinity for outsiders of all sorts—radical intellectuals, outlaw historians, marginalized artists, obscure musicians, and holy con men. When asked about this, Littler says: “I’m interested in people who dance to their own beat, prototypes who fix their radio with a blow torch.”