One Letter

Leaving the car where I sat and drove to the house of a friend, it occured to me that by changing one letter of any given word one might extract a new meaning, just like by augmenting or diminishing my conscience/scope a new light might be shed on my current mood and/or situation.

That notion being freshly thought, and my sadness being (or nothing) of the deep dark abyss type, I began to wonder whether or not this black-hole-paralleled-with-infinite-possibility type of reasoning might not in fact save me from another ill-spent day of getting high and wrapping myself up in a comfortable blanket of happy thoughts and memories of joy (which are sparse).

So I concocted an a priori  synthesis of imaginative goodness that I could project toward my company. A mission of selfless Christian-type charity that would surley increase my prestige amongst my peers. I was going to smile and take the appearance of a joyful constitution.

It worked. They were all happy to see me. HAPPY!!!!!!!

Michael Paul-Anthony hails from Canada.