Doing Game

“Why didn’t the big-ass large-belly cave master tell
his uniformed mortals to bring out their flip down black
glasses so Helios could not get involved in their
thing? Did he lose his native intelligence?” Zeus
said while watching this thing playing itself out on
what was once Gaea’s pristine earth.

All the Greek gods participating in the discussion
took huge bites from their thick Sicilian or thin
Neapolitan pizzas they had bought on Third Avenue from
Deo’s pizzeria which in a few years would become a
bucket of blood; serving just booze and brawls. Though
the gods could have stolen the outrageously expensive
foods, drinks and other delights being dangled in
front of the eyes of children but their pride
compelled them to smuggle their own sustenance inside
the House that the Bambino built.

“How do you suppose this Fourth New World Order
country – admirer of the Hitler during the thirties so
terrified of the Red Menace they were—ever manage to
kill native intelligence? Why it’s like stealing from
minds the ability to cross streets, ride a bike and
have sex or see through the lies their so called
leaders are handing them—convincing them to give up
their children as sacrificial lambs to greed and power
while forgetting their primary responsibility—after
the joy of copulation – was to protect the fruit of
their labor?” Prometheus said.

“Sundry ways. Firstly, in the big inning take men out
of the picture of being teachers since they were the
bread winners and inject women and insist they could
not marry and would be more than willing to take half
pay to baby-sit for that’s mostly what many can do
since they would not be allowed to get a “real
education” forced to take courses at a Normal School
whose books were the ones third graders used to learn
their history of being the greatest and taken from the
ranks of hyphenated Americans who would be most
threatened by the next wave of Barnum people coming to
a land thinking its streets were paved with gold and
not blood, sweat, tears, and feces. And this is why
one political party here in this place called The Land
of the Homeless and Free of the Brave blunders often
thinking since most of them graduated from Community
colleges while their opposing colleagues who are
sleeping in the same bed and both are bilking
so-called voters and patriots out of billions of
dollars a year while the “riffraff”, and that’s what
they really think people are, go hungry and dying for
lack of good medical care graduated from the elite
schools; one rabbi said humanity is getting dumber and
dumber by the day and truly believe their First
Testament God Who wanted skin circumcised much of the
world with His one hundred foot clipper; secondly,
have greed replace the second God Who also wanted skin
but said he loved everybody and would send his son to
die for everyone’s sin. I guess He meant the stain on
the soul manifesting their inner weapons of mass
destruction. All religions failed in convincing
people they had self-worth so able to kill so-called
inferiors that much easier; thirdly, have forms of
governments that were not truly what they were said to
be like a democracy that wouldn’t let women, blacks,
and non-owning land beer drinkers vote in elections
and yet be arrogant enough to say the greatest country
ever invented in the minds of the founding fathers
peering out of the eye of a pyramid inside a dollar
bill would teach the world how to do what it could
never do for itself: give the world democracy and a
representative type of governing that had the
representatives being protectors of corporations and
the wealthy and yet convincing the masses as they were
losing all their safety nets that they were doing very
well despite their incomes decreasing threefold;
fourthly, telling them that if they opted for unions
their Bibles would be taken away and initially
convincing religious leaders to tell their women
because they bled they could not be of equal status
and those males that had “the calling” that they could
not marry so saving lots of money spent foolishly on
suffer the little children and other familial items
like eating of food and sheltering from the elements.
Money that eventually replaced the second God Who
really believed love would give birth to compassion so
making for a race of humans that could live within its
own skin comfortably!” Eros said.

Like a child who was given more information than he
was asking for, Zeus began looking into the stands—
joining the uniformed mortals peering over the roof of
their caves in the activity of “beaver sightings” as
the game played on and on and on.

Jerry Vilhotti graduated from the only college that won the NIT and NCCA basketball tournaments in the same year, but more importantly than that — Jonas Salk, who helped rid some of the world of polio with his vaccine, was also given the opportunity to contribute to Mankind and graduated from the same NYC school that’s called in some circles: “The poor man's Harvard”. This and the fact that there was a place of higher learning that indeed gave every race, nationality, and creed an opportunity to play in the game of sculpting a better world gives him greater joy. He is very proud a publisher has accepted his two collections: Gods Depicting Pastime and Specs in the Eyes of Seeing.