The Perfect Crime

It all began with that fatal night of my perfect crime
A crime that you’ll never think that anyone could possibly or deliberately

I took the forceful weapon out my pocket
I clutched it in my hands
Then rolled it over
My hands shaking
My grip tigthening
I proceeded with my plan…

Every minute seemed stretched like forever
Once again I held it out–the weapon
Pondered conceived all possible thoughts one at a time
Certain to face consequences…

The last time it found my eye
Shall I stop?
Oh no, not in my life did I care, my own blood spurting out for this night I
am forever

And steady at my aim
I slayed everything that myself have created
Even my sighs I could not hear for the
Blistering thought of guilt and agony
Burst my fears and burned my ears Did I weep?
All my tears flowed like an endless stream
And remorse is all that I have become
My soul had banished and my soul had gone

Will I be forgiven?
I did not know
No I do not know…

For whatever thought that have put myself held for…
I am but to blame
Not my innocence, not my pride
Nor my humanity
Not my faith nor the people surrounding me
Nor my love

I sure am a criminal
Yet that night I am sure too…
That the crime I committed was not by any chance
— half my sin

And though I incessantly
Pray for my soul
And plead for my death, the pain
Will never stop,
I will never ever heal

Perhaps you’ll never understand
Nor know how it was done
Nor what it really was
It is this —
The killing of an innocent child
Rest in peace, my unborn one