The Janus Construction

I am a constant easy exit
My cloud doors mass of departures
Tender, never been holding or being held
While you build enclosures
With the tensile strengths of the Heart
Gates pivoting shut
With the speed of sudden embraces

We are desperate people
arguing of logic in opposite directions
The force of our philosophies
pulling obstinately at each other
Until we discard numbness
through the backs of our heads
Two faces at the same debate

What is the nature of the gate?
To enter or to depart?
If the doorways hold the same sentiments
Indifferent to the manner of each approach
Does custom dictate the most suspicious ways
Then everything is custom
But don’t we make custom?

So unmaking we begin again
Our words mounting
to hold into a hybrid arch

Steel fleshed soothing
Open ended skies
and clouds welcoming
The permanence of boundaries