chilled by thin
breeze of air
glasses of booze
gathering moss  and ants

serenading the night
every song ablaze
from every throat
the vampires next door
are awakened

sawing, slapping, smarting

the body benumbed by
the ambush of sharp needles
on skin and groin

laughter of mosquitos
fleeing from the coil’s smoke
you’re of no use after all
my blood’s been raised in toast


Juan Carlo Toledo is an award-winning graphic artist by day and a poet by night. As a graphic artist, he specializes in logo and visual identity and has done work for various clients across the globe—from corporate investment groups to indie film upstarts. As a poet, he has been published in major national magazines and periodicals, both print and online. Juan Carlo played guitar for the acoustic alt duo Genius Envy before it was cool.