the mistress moon
is tailing
we try hard so
that they mean well
towards a
happy ending

the table is littered
with bottle of cigarettes
and pack of booze

mosquitos take
liberties on our
our heartbreak;
such is life
really complicated
and tragic

we are now pulled
by sleepiness towards wherever
it is we have arrived
it seems we have already
gone too far

with every crowing
of cocks
with every mosquito
the break of day
after we danced
with the mistress moon

we will never again
be lured by the dizzying
twist of the world in the palm
of our lives

i had shots of cigarette
you had puffs of gin

that was when we thought of
nothing else


Juan Carlo Toledo is an award-winning graphic artist by day and a poet by night. As a graphic artist, he specializes in logo and visual identity and has done work for various clients across the globe—from corporate investment groups to indie film upstarts. As a poet, he has been published in major national magazines and periodicals, both print and online. Juan Carlo played guitar for the acoustic alt duo Genius Envy before it was cool.