Bob Farrell’s “From Within”

Bob Farrell finds creative spark from waste objects, which he uses to make art instead of throwing them out. When he was young he started doing lettering and graphics, and designed a few fonts. Painting with oils came next, producing abstract and surreal pieces. His artistic output later emerged in other forms as well: mural, photography, some poetry, and sculpture. Farell is a member of Berwick Art Association, where he is the Baa “Pop up” director. He has been in six “Pop up” shows for Baa and has exhibited work at Artstream Gallery and 2nd Landing Gallery. He lives in Berwick, Maine, with his wife and their son and daughter.

About his work “From Within,” he has this to say: “It is a piece I did to try to explain what my soul may look like if it came out of me. The darkness is the inner depths of my existence.”

"from within" by bob farrell

From Within