Master of Golden Light

Where are you, Master of the Golden Night?

A wall of mirrors and a secret life.

I get bored rather easily,

With no one here to manipulate and torture.

Who controls the truth controls the lies.

Magick is the order.

I long for Satan, St. Francis, and Pol Pot.

Chaos is the order.

Blizzards, hurricanes, and rising waters.

We filled our skies with smoke and poisoned all our waters.

The Serpent says:

Repent, repent!

To what avail?

I said before:

There is no order!

We filled the ovens with the Adamites and the Cainites.

Now we’ll settle for the desert kings.

Sure, why not? – Murder is murder.

Who is Job and who is Cain?

It’s really all quite funny and insane.

And now that the human meat wheel’s stopped,

Let’s summarize our common tale.

Ridiculous, worthless, and profane.

For broken is the Sacred Code.

They’ll find no bodies, carcasses, or corpses.

You’ll see Jane of Arc in her fiery gown.

There’ll be flames in the sky, and the Lord’s eternal frown.

But no prophets left to ask Him why.

M.A. Littler was raised in the Old World and the New World, at airports, on junkyards, in motels and restaurants. He found employment as a bouncer, a barkeeper, a cab driver, a translator, a screenwriter, a journalist, even as an ambulance driver. All employment was short-lived. In 1999, Littler founded Slowboat Films—a haven for truly independent cinema. In his films and writing he has displayed an unhidden affinity for outsiders of all sorts—radical intellectuals, outlaw historians, marginalized artists, obscure musicians, and holy con men. When asked about this, Littler says: “I’m interested in people who dance to their own beat, prototypes who fix their radio with a blow torch.”