Sprd #19

Issue #19: ache

Published 21 July 2016 | Cover Art by Titus Toledo

Spread #19 is an achingly joyful labor of love.

The submissions and shares that came in have been tremendous. In fact, there are worthy considerations that had to be deferred for the next issue.

Spreadophiles will surely relish the eclectic mix of features assembled here that are representative of the thriving exploratory art and literary genres.

The issue opens with Mike Olbinski’s film “Vorticity” with its tone-setting ominous atmospherics, intrepid landscapes, and magical cloud dances.

The text suite follows: Rosendo M. Makabali’s “Five , Years” (comma prose) bares highlights of a fling aching to flourish. Biblical conceit, supported by cameos across historical and mythological temperaments, ignite M.A. Littler’s “Master of the Golden Light” (poetry). Jerry Vilhotti draws a messed-up family sketch in “The Last Job ” (flash fiction), in which an eager prodigal brother is duped about a supposed fortune left by his dead father to, hopefully, mend his ways. “God in a Box” (gothic tale) is Sergio Bissoli’s philosophical take on machine-assisted godhood that grants, disappointingly, an all too human consequence.

The tonal sculpture of Harry Bertoia ushers in the visual arts with short films of his work displayed and performed, emitting infinite ranges and timbres of soundscapes.

Then on to: Susanna Bauer’s magnificent, yet delicate, leaf sculptures. Hirotoshi Itoh’s stone carvings of everyday objects, surreal themes, and miniature figures that send one’s eye, heart, and mind to play and dance, or pause and ponder. Maskull Lasserre’s provocative human skull and spine and ribcage sculptures from stacks of newspaper and software manuals. Johnny Martyr’s captivating documentary portraits of people and events as well as of compassionate images of miscellaneous objects and urban decay. Arabella Proffer’s exquisite oil on linen portraits of Woman enduring medical superstitions and practices of the past. James Sebor’s orchestrated pareidolia steep in his palette of surreal psychedelia.

Intermissions: A snippet on St. Kurt Vonnegut’s hilarious lecture on the shape of stories, followed by Igor Kovalyov’s bizarre animated short “Hen, His Wife.”

The rest of the issue proceeds (and dutifully closes) with the trippy “Sacral,” Titus Toledo’s latest exposition of alt noise. The so-called album is a task to get into, until it gets you to only breathe.

film Mike Olbinski’s “Vorticity” via spreadophilia

comma prose Five, Years by Rosendo M Makabali

poetry Master of Golden Light by M.A. Littler

flash fiction The Last Job by Jerry Vilhotti

gothic tale God in a Box by Sergio Bissoli

tonal sculpture Harry Bertoia’s Sonambient via spreadophilia

sculpture Susanna Bauer: Mother Leaf via spreadophilia

sculpture Hirotoshi Itoh: Stone Charm via spreadophilia

sculpture Maskull Lasserre: The After-Shelf via spreadophilia

photography Johnny Martyr: Shoot to Kiss via spreadophilia

painting Arabella Proffer: Madam, Cure Me via spreadophilia

painting James Sebor: See, Seek via spreadophilia

lecture Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories via spreadophilia

animation Hen, His Wife by Igor Kovalyov

alt-noise Sacral by Titus Toledo