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We are a loosely informal, unofficial, noncommercial, interdisciplinary arts and literary collective with an international contributing cast of independent authors, artists, coders, and creatives who have chosen to name the “gravity” that informs our varying aesthetic orbits, this proudly precarious and eternally emergent core movement of ours—this animal, vegetable, mineral: goddess or golem—Spread.


Our vision/mission (as it was in the past and as it is in the present):

“This site is a gesture dedicated to the free creation, propagation, and dissemination of new underground exploratory art and literature. This site is an attempt—sustained by the promise of new technologies and summoned by the premise that art, or perhaps more aptly, the grave and grand gasp and grasp of the humanities, must cease not to pick, to pry, to probe, to plough down the fences—to provide a free clearinghouse for artists, artisans, authors, and auteurs of whatever merit, method, or manner who boldly share the same boundless verve and verb for experimentation, exploration, and innovation, in seeking to extend the frontiers of form, function, and content, in order to establish or cause to establish a parallel portal or a platform, if you will, where one might, through one’s work, be free to engender one’s truth, engage and empower intellect and intuition: to turn on, tune in, spread out. Foma, foma, foma… Here and now, we have chosen to name this gesture and attempt: spread.”

Under the Hood & Smoking

Titus Toledo

Rosendo M. Makabali

Papa Osmubal
Managing Editor

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