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issue #19 (ache) cover art

Issue #19: ache

film Mike Olbinski’s “Vorticity” via spreadophilia |
comma prose Five, Years by Rosendo M Makabali |
poetry Master of Golden Light by M.A. Littler |
flash fiction The Last Job by Jerry Vilhotti |
gothic tale God in a Box by Sergio Bissoli |
tonal sculpture Harry Bertoia’s Sonambient via spreadophilia |
sculpture Susanna Bauer: Mother Leaf via spreadophilia |
sculpture Hirotoshi Itoh: Stone Charm via spreadophilia |
sculpture Maskull Lasserre: The After-Shelf via spreadophilia |
photography Johnny Martyr: Shoot to Kiss via spreadophilia |
painting Arabella Proffer: Madam, Cure Me via spreadophilia |
painting James Sebor: See, Seek via spreadophilia |
lecture Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories via spreadophilia |
animation Hen, His Wife by Igor Kovalyov |
alt-noise Sacral by Titus Toledo |
issue #18 (bust) cover art

Issue #18: bust

poetry How you suffer for your sanity by Rosendo M Makabali |
poetry Oscuridad by Victor Gabriel Ojeda |
fiction Old Times by Jerry Vilhotti |
interview Papa Osmubal, Artist via spreadophilia |
photography Augusto De Luca’s “Memento Mori” via spreadophilia |
documentary Theo Jansen’s “Strandbeests” via strandbeestfilm |
animation Balance via Animation Ark |
digital art Zolloc’s “Oswra” via zolloc.com |
visual arts Bob Farrell’s “From Within” via spreadophilia |
scupture Harry 8TRX via spreadophilia |
animation I Met The Walrus via imetthewalrus's channel |
painting Mary updates her status from “In a relationship” to “It’s complicated” via spreadophilia |
visual arts Beth Wittenberg’s “Beasts, Buildings & Storm” via spreadophilia |
sculpture Etienne Gros’s “Les Mousses” via etiennegros.com |
animation Piotr Dumala’s “Franz Kafka” via Studio Miniatur Filmowych |
illustration The Forgotten Fruit of the Tree of Forgetlessness by Titus Toledo |
factoid Beer is a living thing via Sierra Nevada |
issue #17 (code) cover art

Issue #17: code

factoid Meat poetry via negyxo28 |
interview Wayne Wolfson, Artist via spreadophilia |
poetry The sum of the two of us still by Rosendo M Makabali |
poetry (Clearly about her) by Rosendo M Makabali |
poetry Mosaic of a forgotten time by Avijeet Das |
poetry Laughter by Juan Carlo Toledo |
poetry Dazed by Juan Carlo Toledo |
essay One Hundred Thousand Billion Processes: Oulipian Computation & the Composition of Digital Cybertexts by Kevin Brock |
animation El Empleo via PlazaBou |
issue #16 (spill) cover art

Issue #16: spill

poetry Three Poems by Justin Parrinello | Parisian Cerebrum
Dress Up Like Mommy Day
poetry Sequence Of Equation by Liz Worth |
poetry write by numbers by Irene Koronas |
poetry Sleepless Night & Living Bad Dreams by Michael Paul-Anthony |
poetry Accomplice by Rosendo M Makabali |
poetry Luna C Major by Titus Toledo |
issue #15 (hit) cover art

Issue #15: hit

poetry Pfft by Rosendo M Makabali | I.
Shut Up
Pfft the Tragic Dragon
Outrage in a Bottle
Back in Line
When Boy Nocturno Met Bella Luna
Memory of Stars After the Plaza
Here's the Deal
Bed In
Fall of One
Blank Weather
To Miss that First Tree
My Lips are Healed
Quack Advice for the Would Be No More
The Difficult Subject of Burying a Poet
poetry Two Poems by Tony Nesca | My Melancholy Sunshine
Muted Love Symphony in the Big Easy Drizzle
poetry Sonnet 12 by Davis Schneiderman |
poetry Doing Game by Jerry Vilhotti |
idea One Letter by Michael Paul-Anthony |
text e by Titus Toledo |
issue #14 (grab) cover art

Issue #14: grab

poetry Five Poems by Maurice Oliver | The significance of plainspokenness
"Close your eyes" sonnet
I wish & wish & wish
Entry-level lock pick
Loose buoy barbed wire interred shore
poetry Sin Titulo by Teknikal Nova |
poetry Nine Poems by Luke Buckham | A warning from the poet
My journey through shit and failure
My dreams and successes
Nature is a one-trick painter
I will now talk about love
The diary of Waslav Nijinsky
Observations on my time and on the time of my time
The atomic bomb
fiction Heaven by Wayne H.W. Wolfson |
fiction Black Dog by Jayson Michel |
fiction Sam Edwine gets that all-important publishing contract, and decides what the key word of his book shall be by Tom Bradley |
issue #13 (squeeze) cover art

Issue #13: squeeze

poetry Moonlight on Moloch: Twenty Redneck Symphonies by Luke Buckham |
poetry D. Garcia-Wahl Sampler by D. Garcia-Wahl | Baptism
Voices Welled
As in Benediction
Gates of Rodin
The Bequeathing of Jealousy
of dark, of Wychwood
poetry Five Poems by Charlton Metcalf | Rendezvous Felt
Smell of Rain
Spider Bite Hemisphere
Stolen Midwestern Motel Headboard Painting
Vinegar Strokes
poetry The Poetry of Maurice Oliver by Maurice Oliver | The Trouble With Purple
Or Lanterns Gibbet-Hung
Body Grammar, Barking
Psyche Paradise (The Original Version)
Horse Or Fish In The Carlight
fiction A Short Love Story by Kevin L. Donihe |
Textploration Chains by Petter Eklov |
fliction Class of ’88 Reunion by Savannah Schroll |
issue #12 (cream) cover art

Issue #12: cream

poetry Three Poems by Luke Buckham | Techniques of conscious hunger
The man who won't die
This is this
poetry Triptych: Big Red by Dan Schneider | Punk
essay Conrad Aiken: Cosmic Mariner, Destination Unknown by Gary Lehmann |
narrative Intermezzo by D. Harlan Wilson |
non-fiction Centripetal by Dan Schneider |
fiction ‘Harry Potter’ and the Blood-soaked Orgy of Teeth by Sean Kilpatrick |
fiction Severed Souls by Randall W. Collier |
fiction The Zombies of Nihilism by Killian Scarre |
issue #11 (score) cover art

Issue #11: score

poetry Two Poems by Luke Buckham | This is why when I was fifteen years old I took over the world
poetry Untitled by Natalie Sliskovic |
poetry Nine Exodus Poems by Doug Tanoury | The Moses Soliloquy
August Rain
Molten Calf
Lazy Geometry
Blue & Purple & Scarlet Stuff
The Tomb of Queen Amonherkhepsef
Autumn in August
A Slave's Life
Poem for my Father
poetry Two Poems by Irene Koronas | just because he's standing don't mean he's dancing at night
coming to understand the father of dada
fiction The Dearth of the Author by Henri d'Mescan & Davis Schneiderman |
issue #10 (bruise) cover art

Issue #10: bruise

poetry Poems meant to be performed by Randall W. Collier | Spastic Grace
The Grand Stage
Theatre of Pain
Invisible Boy
Half Empty
Nausea Delirium Daze
Apathy, uncertainly, doubt, and my old friend melancholy together we bleed
The Pain
Short Scrib
My Abyss
Like Jimmy Hoffa
Midlife Crisis
essay After the War— War by Drazan Gunjaca |
story A Quick Existence by Luke Buckham |
issue #09 (dig) cover art

Issue #09: dig

poetry Two poems by Luke Buckham | someone put a grenade in my heart
poetry Brainfarts in three clusters by Pow Tuazon | goddess and a screaming drunk
euphoria's endearing
cold stares on a long thursday morning (the afterglow)
poetry InCuntation by Lucinda Sin |
fiction Calamity by Wayne H.W. Wolfson |
excerpt from a novel dishpig by Tony Nesca |
issue #08 (slug) cover art

Issue #08: slug

poetry east main and 4th by M.A. Littler |
poetry Ink Well by Colin Momeyer |
poetry The Perfection of Loneliness by Luke Buckham |
poetry from Deadly Pollen by Stephen Oliver |
fiction Magic Mountain by Asim Rizki |
issue #07 (coil) cover art

Issue #07: coil

poetry Two poems by Luke Buckham | city
the killing air
poetry Intra-Venus by Colin Momeyer |
poetry Four poems by Brent Mathew Surrat |
poetry imminence by Durdên Ysephí |
essay The distance of difference by Irene Koronas |
fiction Sam Edwine says “Hi-hi” to a bum in Foo-Chow (Marco Polo went there, too) by Tom Bradley |
issue #06 (hash) cover art

Issue #06: hash

poetry O Say Can You Hear? by Stephen Oliver |
poetry Prayer for the sleep-deprived by Sedfrey Manabat |
poetry Three poems by Rosendo M Makabali | Deuces Wild
Sob Stance
poetry Two flies fucking on the wall by Julie Ann Sempio |
fiction French Kismet by Davis Schneiderman |
fiction Action Man by Neil Grimmett |
issue #05 (rogue) cover art

Issue #05: rogue

poetry (having lost all) by Ann Erickson |
tula Bola-bola by Juan Carlo Toledo |
haiku Error 404 by Lester Whisk |
poetry Homage (to brew) by Pow Tuazon |
poetry Two poems by Jaime Mendoza | A Plea
My Pets
poetry Two poems by Gibbs Cuevas | Mirror
poetry Crash by Emmet |
essay Articulating Freedom: Three brief notes regarding the contemporary underground/ otherstream by Jake Berry |
essay Name by Jojo Pasion Malig |
issue #04 (germ) cover art

Issue #04: germ

tula Bule by Erlene R. Arinbuyutan |
poetry The mind’s eye on the mid-morning sky by Anne D. Mabanta |
poetry Love for an Angel by Kristine Grace P. Hamoy |
tula Sapin by Rejilah C. Siron |
poetry Untitled by Julie Ann Sempio |
tula Sentimyento by Ma. Theresa M. Bernabe |
tula Sa pag-alimbukay ng mga paru-paro by Carla Maria Concepcion |
poetry Lapu-Lapu speaks by Papa Osmubal |
fiction The Gallery by Jojo Pasion Malig |
issue #03 (blink) cover art

Issue #03: blink

poetry Three Poems from Macau by Papa Osmubal | Filipino diasporo
Before the verdict
poetry Tribute to Michael, Christine, and John by Julie Ann Sempio |
poetry Mum by Ma. Theresa M. Bernabe |
tula Paanyayang Kultura by Jake Anthony Lucas Sampana |
tula Dahil anak ka ng aking mga dasal by Jaime Mendoza |
tula Sirit (sitsiritsit) by Juan Carlo Toledo |
blip Another day by Titus Toledo |
issue #02 (flight) cover art

Issue #02: flight

poetry Returnings by Aimee Suzara |
poetry The Janus Construction by Ranielle Cunanan |
tula Totoy by Carla Maria Concepcion |
poetry The Perfect Crime by Mylen Salamat |
tula Exam by Homer Jose |
poetry Caption on the Icarus Incident by Rosendo M Makabali |
tula Ang Kasal (sa Disyembre) by Juan Carlo Toledo |
fiction Hard Core by Rosendo M Makabali |
issue #01 (wave) cover art

Issue #01: wave

poetry Two poems by Rosendo M Makabali | Hamlet is bleating
Last words
tula Apat na tula by Juan Carlo Toledo | Para
God bless us
fiction Paltry on the rocks by Jaime Mendoza |
fiction The Box by Titus Toledo |