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  • Spread @2:35AM, 2016-05-08
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    What Would It Take To Power U.S. With Solar Energy? 

  • Spread @1:24AM, 2015-08-31
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    Solar Sunflower harnesses 5,000 suns 


    High on a hill was a lonely sunflower. Not a normal sunflower, mind you; that would hardly be very notable. This sunflower is a solar sunflower that combines both photovoltaic solar power and concentrated solar thermal power in one neat, aesthetic package that has a massive total efficiency of around 80 percent.

    The Solar Sunflower, a Swiss invention developed by Airlight Energy, Dsolar (a subsidiary of Airlight), and IBM Research in Zurich, uses something called HCPVT to generate electricity and hot water from solar power. HCPVT is a clumsy acronym that stands for “highly efficient concentrated photovoltaic/thermal.” In short, it has reflectors that concentrate the sun—”to about 5,000 suns.”

    Read the rest from Ars Technica

  • Spread @4:13AM, 2015-06-27
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    What if every window could tap the power of the sun 

    A Michigan State University research team has developed a transparent solar panel capable of capturing solar energy.

    Professor Richard Lunt, MSU assistant professor who headed the research, believes that the panel can be employed in a wide variety of settings.

    “It can be used on tall buildings with lots of windows or any kind of mobile device that demands high aesthetic quality like a phone or e-reader. Ultimately we want to make solar harvesting surfaces that you do not even know are there,” Lunt said in a MSU press release.

    Most solar panels capture visible spectrum light, which represents just a small segment of electromagnetic wave spectrum. The transparent luminescent solar concentrator (TLSC) doesn’t capture visible light, but non-visible ultraviolet waves are absorbed by the device.

    The concentrator then converts it into another colorless infrared wavelength and sends it to the edge of the concentrator, where photovoltaic solar cells convert light energy to electricity.

    Right now the TLSC is performing at around 1% efficiency, but the MSU team believes it can be optimized to around 5%. Currently, non-transparent luminescent concentrators perform can achieve 7% efficiency, at best.

  • Spread @12:17AM, 2014-03-27
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    The Secret of Trees 

    What do trees know that we don’t? 13-year-old inventor Aidan realized that trees use a mathematical formula to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Then he wondered why we don’t collect solar energy in the same way.

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