The Holy Trinity of US Subversion 

burroughs via artslant

“Warhol, Burroughs and Lynch were – for my teenaged self, at least – the Holy Trinity. I recall one early experiment in “literary fiction,” in particular (describing a maybe-LSD-trip, maybe-cryptozoological-arm-wrestling-match scenario, or some other such stream-of-consciousness rubbish) succeeding in horrifying my teachers, and ripping off Burroughs and Lynch in equal measure. As a matter of fact, I still describe Bill as my favourite writer; I am still entirely fascinated by Warhol’s pink-yellow, electric intersections between high-art and lowbrow celebrity; Blue Velvet remains my favourite film. All lack of personal growth aside: my point is that as full-blown icons of U.S. subversion, these three strange subjects are second to none. They are canonised to the skies.” —Philippa Snow

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