Call for Spread 

Spread screenshot circa 2003

Not too long ago, across what was then called the World Wild Web, there spread Spread, or what the late Samsa, given half the chance, might have, willy-nilly, described as “almost animal, more likely amoeba, but always anomaly.” Which is, of course, longcode for “beautiful freak.”

Or so we would like to believe.

Still, this much was set in stone: Here was an 8-bit, third world “homepage” calling for the global propagation of what it refers to as underground exploratory art and literature” to create, curate, and celebrate in the then “new” medium.

Yeah. Right. Tough luck. Fat chance. But, Not, For, Long.

By 2010, a full decade’s sweep, reap, and heap of exciting, eclectic esoterica served by a motley mob of maverick wordsmiths and swordsmiths, foraging and forging whatever possible and impossible sentence and sentience, have since graced and grazed the pages of Spread.

In the seemingly indefinite interim that ensued, the sixteen-issue stint comprising the sum of what was and what finally became of Spread seemed to have sufficed to pronounce the stunt a success, the experiment conclusive, and the case close—the charge/hypothesis/premise of artists/writers and audiences/readers of diverse interests and inclinations either collectively or independently conspiring to define and refine a common zeitgeist.

Spread is dead! Long live Spread!

Yet, inevitably so, comes now, from coma to comma, this all-too familiar call or recall to hopefully engage, enrol, and enlist past, present, and future surveyors and purveyors of the intrepid and the inspired to—once again and, this time, with feelings!—spread it out, deep and wide and good.

Because, as the old rascallion puts it: “The good always comes back.”

This, here, serves as an open invitation, as it was then and as it is now, to all artists and writers of free thought and technique, who are unceasingly challenging and exhausting the breadth and spread of the interwebs in which to stage and wage their labors of love.

Everything and nothing has changed. The scheme of things with Spread has simply charged nth degrees up for still the sheer love of immersing into and spreading new underground exploratory love in the same endearingly hyphenated hypertextual-digital-virtual-metaphysical-conceptual-surreal body electronic.

We’re back.

For Good.

Now please do let it spread with warm wild creative juices flowing—

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