What this is

If you’ve got something spreadworthy to share, some curious creative find you just can’t wait to tell the world, a thought-provoking nugget you just happened to stumble upon, this is where it happens, this is where it spreads. Tell us about it. Link it up here and take us there. If the buzz fits the bill, we’d get it up and spreading in no time. Here to submit a guest post.

What this is not

This is not the place for your personal notes and general queries on the website. For that sort of stuff, simply email inquire(at)spreadophilia(dot)com.

This is also not the place to submit your personal artistic and literary output. Do yourself a favor: Your art, your photography, that hybrid fiction and those poetic experiments of yours belong to our legacy art+lit mag. For authors and artists, here to submit your art/literary work.

All things considered, break a happy finger and blog on.

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