Hot Ramen You Can Listen To 

A short plug for a friend. No, you can’t exactly eat it. But yes, it’s still free. Get your free Ramen now.


Ramen #5 features 14 cuts in all: “Laika” by Falk & Die Wiese; “My Name Is Mathias” by The Burning Hell; “Naked Before My Captors” by Northpilot; “What Does It Mean” by Bombadil; “Crazy” by The Redemptive Soulz ft. Taylor Van Eynde; “Killers” by Life Jackets; “Lose, Loser, Lost” by Susie Asado; “We Got It Alone” by Homer Sparks; “Glazed” by End The Noise; “Nothing” by Joe Koenig; “Chief Running Sauce” by Arabb; “Fountains” by Panda Bear Jones; “MellowD” by Legotape; “Parlor Tricks” by Andy Hentz

—Cover image courtesy of Alec Longstreth/