Art Spiegelman on Si Lewen

Art Spiegelman is the rejuvenator of many comic art forms and the originator of more. Maus earned him a Pulitzer Prize, but this masterpiece is just the tip of a monument built on three centuries of comics history. The wordless novel is of special historical interest to him. He’s written about Otto Nuckel, Frans Masereel and Lynd Ward, and now he is champion of Si Lewen, whose wordless narrative The Parade (newly reprinted by Abrams) is a forgotten treasure of socially committed art. Spiegelman became friends with Lewen during the last years of the artist’s long life (culminating with Lewen’s passing 10 days after seeing the final copy of Parade). Spiegelman edited and wrote an introduction for the accordion-folded book’s new edition. He also produced two original prints, combining Lewen’s art with his own.
Via Print Magazine