World's Strongest Beer of 2013

Snake Venom

The Scottish Brewmeister calls it Snake Venom. And just to demonstrate how this baby burns, here’s a shortlist of your most common over-the-counter household alcohol by volume (ABV):

Mezcal, Tequila: 32%–60% (usually 40%)
Vodka: 35%–50% (usually 40%)
Brandy: 35%–60% (usually 40%)
Gin: 40%–50%
Whisky: 40%–55% (usually 40% or 43%)
Snake Venom: 67%

There is supposed to be an ongoing debate whether Brewmeister’s latest and greatest concoction is still technically beer, but that is, of course, for the experts to quibble over.

In the frothy meantime: Make beer, not war, and kindly roll out the smoking barrel.