Sprd #16

Issue #16: spill

Published 16 July 2009 | Cover Art by Titus Toledo

Careful, don’t drop this six-pack.

Two. This issue inducts neophytes into the spread cabal: Justin Parinello and Liz Worth. Just out of his teens of writing, publishing, and doing the rounds of open mic gigs, Parinello infuses this recital chamber with an otherwise seasoned soul’s notices. Liz Worth emerges here from the agitations of her bad dreams, quite composed rather to tell all about it in clinically sharp poetic cogitations.

Plus two. Next up are already card-carrying spreadniks: Irene Koronas and Michael Paul-Anthony. Irene Koronas’s pieces have twice before registered– on spread #11 (score) and spread #7 (coil)– in this subterranean art and lit folio in progress, transmitting this time around a slap at the poetic trade. In this spread, Paul-Anthony adds to his intitial brooding prose offering—on spread xv (hit)—a trim verse entry, although no less heavy on self-vetting to overcome the humdrum.

Finally, just slipped in the rogue’s gallery are the usual gruesome twosome: Rosendo M. Makabali and Titus Toledo. Makabali, ever the compliant, uncomplaining accomplice or snitch, recites his pacific code of secrecy or foil to a testimony. While Toledo, in verse noir, spills the beans to taste, stirring a psycho murder plot (pot) as required, right down to eschewing the howl for a hardboiled scowl.

poetry Three Poems by Justin Parrinello Parisian Cerebrum
Dress Up Like Mommy Day

poetry Sequence Of Equation by Liz Worth

poetry write by numbers by Irene Koronas

poetry Sleepless Night & Living Bad Dreams by Michael Paul-Anthony

poetry Accomplice by Rosendo M Makabali

poetry Luna C Major by Titus Toledo