there’s always the editing after the jungle bullshit/imperialist cowboys/midwestern/midlands/ flatlands/shepherd/man-made lakes/our savage love/push it/ Britain/America/America/America/ revolution/where’s the revolution/what revolution/French/Russian/ American/Spanish/what revolution/my unwritten/ unwitnessed/ revolution/your revolution of security/safety erected on toxic ground/buy a house/pay with your life/shelter/educate your children/expend your blood nursing capitalism at your breast/honey, i want you/ sooo bad/take this/sign this/believe this/ infected/programmed/socially encoded/the savage/ rousseau, where are you/mind/body/ body/ mind/woman, you’re holding on too tight/passos/passos pablo passos picasso passos neruda/ chile/revolution/ freedom/don’t take it/responsibility/ accountability/liability/salmon-eating normality informing the masses/opt for madness/we’ll show you the way/think/talk/do/ sex/sex/sex/breathe breathe breathe/and write/without deadlines/outside any jurisdiction/cause they all suck you dry/language is freedom/did chomsky say that/presentations/presenting/our empty heads on silver platters/am i mis-remembering/re-remembering language and freedom/was that/yes it was/mit/ how’s the weather, noam/are you listening/is language freedom/yes yes yes/if you want to/look look/i won’t fake it like the other girls/free/untouched/ unfettered/ undefined and undefining/ spilling onto the page in a bloody mess/hysterical lunacy/my gyrating womb/bleeding a violent page/lavender eyes/perfumed body/i’m writing his words/writing his language/always wanting/to rewrite/re-encode the word/the womb/speaking me into subjectivity/you’ve got me/tethered and chained/but you’re not the only one/with enormous hands and bleeding feet/stretching beyond the canvas of our bodies/georgia o’keefe-esque/pseudo-chagall/ warmed-over/in imitation of/a woman never writes in nakedness/ manly scars linger/i love men/women/men/i would never/be a man/I’m the man/long-term/ games/play/as soon as a rule/introduced/the fun ends/play becomes game/ xeno’s arrow hits you in the ass/the shit we go through/i feel no guilt in taking/the worker/the serf/the laborer/life/ labourious/waking/labourious/i don’t want to have to worry about pots and pans/a kept woman since thirteen/a perpetual fantasy/to manipulate/i thought i would never see/i didn’t even know/ except/perhaps/shhhhh/write this/fictionality/a flower in her hair/poets embalmed in sedimental story/hypocrisy carries a gun/deep down/deep down/i’m waking/to overthrow your fabled classics/a mary queen/i’ll desecrate my own tomb/ leave prometheus unbound/scorch him with the heavenly fire/predatory heels/don’t believe in anything/be there or be square/slide on the vibe/the speeding/ electricity feels sooo good/to watch and listen/play the voyeur/detached/mind and body/when word fondles the page/detract the mind/the critical eye/bathe in language/ dance wildly up and down the logos/laugh at the convolutions of the mythos/masturbate in the echo of the omnipotent voice/blind the implied reader/ bind the hands of the implied author/resurrect authorial intent/get her drunk and play chess with her metaphors/rape the written word with a dirty tongue/let the juice run down your chin/beautiful boys will lick you/ raw/

Natalie Sliskovic, in her own words: You want a bio... but i don't know what to say... Talking about myself, as if i didn't know every dirty little secret makes me uncomfortable... It seems false... So the facts: I'm 28... I just spent the last year living in Split Croatia... and now I'm in Toronto, Canada... Earlier tonight i split my upper lip playing my trumpet... which is unfortunate... because my upper lip is perfect... thanks for your time...and the site...
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