Sprd #15

Issue #15: hit

Published 24 January 2007 | Cover Art by Titus Toledo

What a word to name this issue. “Miss” is rather apropos. This issue’s lateness (not again?!) is an inexcusable let down. Unsurprising if scores of spreadniks have by now given up missing this vehicle and boarded instead any gravy train coming on the information network. The contrite (lately undynamic) duo behind spread—Titus Toledo and Rosendo Makabali—beat their breasts in atonement and profusely bleed here their individual pieces to coalesce and compact with the sheddings of steadfast co-conspirators on hand—Tony Nesca, Davis Schneiderman, Jerry Vilhotti, Mike Paul-Anthony—to vigorously hit towards new underground guerrilla exploratory art + literature in the new medium.

Bringing up the poetry section are Makabali, Nesca, Schneiderman, and Vilhotti.Makabali’s verses creak from elemental tensions of logos, eros, and thanatos. Schneiderman’s matter-of-fact take on the Bard of Avon is a toss-up between frivolous and marvelous, dada and gaga. Laidback blues and jazz permeates in Nesca’s poetry; the lines trippingly distil the otherwise sad or wry quality of incidental drink, sex, smoke, music, and light. While Vilhotti’s poem lets us in on gods from mythology appreciating the doings of mortals in fierce tug-of-fate against one another, like shuffled game pieces on history’s board—only the puzzle demands no solution, so it stays a littered slate of war, death, ignorance, lust, disease.

Raising the sphere of fiction are Paul-Anthony and Toledo. A streamlet of consciousness carries Paul-Anthony’s prose piece. His persona’s stake at happiness derives strength from the precious mundane. Lastly, is Toledo’s story series (more like a textual montage) of arresting scenes and dialogues and catalogues that peak at a hard-hitting film noir recast of a 2,000-year-old tableau of divine dissent and redemptive indifference—but then the entire thread abruptly drops, disintegrating into inexorably disgruntled groans.

poetry Pfft by Rosendo M Makabali I.
Shut Up
Pfft the Tragic Dragon
Outrage in a Bottle
Back in Line
When Boy Nocturno Met Bella Luna
Memory of Stars After the Plaza
Here's the Deal
Bed In
Fall of One
Blank Weather
To Miss that First Tree
My Lips are Healed
Quack Advice for the Would Be No More
The Difficult Subject of Burying a Poet

poetry Two Poems by Tony Nesca My Melancholy Sunshine
Muted Love Symphony in the Big Easy Drizzle

poetry Sonnet 12 by Davis Schneiderman

poetry Doing Game by Jerry Vilhotti

idea One Letter by Michael Paul-Anthony

text e by Titus Toledo