The mind’s eye on the mid-morning sky

Pollens tickle my nose
as I look up and stare at the sky
Puffs of clouds before my eyes
seemed gigantic as a jet plane
flew just across them…
I’m looking at the mid-morning sky,
where moments later
the sun should shine.
I do not think at all
But instead sigh, as my feelings soar…
My heart sings to the perfect sky,
as perfect as my life.
But no, my life’s not perfect,
there is something wrong.
What’s wrong is, there’s nothing wrong.
But need I notice that?
The mind’s a conniver
as it had always been,
making up what never existed…
But the heart has
far more hopes than the mind,
does it not?
Dare I even say that
I have all the things
that money can’t buy?
Would this be enough
to call my life “perfect?”
Sshhh… the wind speaks its silence
as it bushes my face…
I close my eyes
and breathe in the dewy scent
of the grass beneath my feet.
A perfect life’s
just been bestowed upon
a quite imperfect mind…