Lapu-Lapu speaks

Before engaging his men to war,
Lapu-Lapu, the Datu, told them this:-

Listen to me, dear Brothers,
not because I am ordained your Sultan, your chieftain,
rather because I am one of your elders
who want to bequeath you a glorious future.

Brothers, I lived to serve this land
from my youth till this time I am kept standing
by tired and frail bones,
and I endow you a very precious treasure
I kept all these years- a secret.

This one, dear Brothers: intrude the eyes of your enemies
and steal their dreams.
Eyes are filled with dreams,
that is why they are burning.

[Notes: Lapu-Lapu was the Malay Datu (chieftain or king) of Cebu Island, Philippines, who, in one of Asia’s foremost battles against European conquerors, killed Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese navigator hired by Spain to find spices and gold in the Orient. He found both, but not without his bitter death. Unknown to most of the world, Datu Lapu-Lapu was the reason of the long delay of European conquest and invasion of South-East Asia.]