Sprd #13

Issue #13: squeeze

Published 5 April 2005 | Cover Art by Titus Toledo

poetry Moonlight on Moloch: Twenty Redneck Symphonies by Luke Buckham

poetry D. Garcia-Wahl Sampler by D. Garcia-Wahl Baptism
Voices Welled
As in Benediction
Gates of Rodin
The Bequeathing of Jealousy
of dark, of Wychwood

poetry Five Poems by Charlton Metcalf Rendezvous Felt
Smell of Rain
Spider Bite Hemisphere
Stolen Midwestern Motel Headboard Painting
Vinegar Strokes

poetry The Poetry of Maurice Oliver by Maurice Oliver The Trouble With Purple
Or Lanterns Gibbet-Hung
Body Grammar, Barking
Psyche Paradise (The Original Version)
Horse Or Fish In The Carlight

fiction A Short Love Story by Kevin L. Donihe

Textploration Chains by Petter Eklov

fliction Class of ’88 Reunion by Savannah Schroll