Sprd #18

Issue #18: bust

Published 4 May 2015 | Cover Art by Matthew Wiebe

poetry How you suffer for your sanity by Rosendo M Makabali

poetry Oscuridad by Victor Gabriel Ojeda

fiction Old Times by Jerry Vilhotti

interview Papa Osmubal, Artist via spreadophilia

photography Augusto De Luca’s “Memento Mori” via spreadophilia

documentary Theo Jansen’s “Strandbeests” via strandbeestfilm

animation Balance via Animation Ark

digital art Zolloc’s “Oswra” via zolloc.com

visual arts Bob Farrell’s “From Within” via spreadophilia

scupture Harry 8TRX via spreadophilia

animation I Met The Walrus via imetthewalrus's channel

painting Mary updates her status from “In a relationship” to “It’s complicated” via spreadophilia

visual arts Beth Wittenberg’s “Beasts, Buildings & Storm” via spreadophilia

sculpture Etienne Gros’s “Les Mousses” via etiennegros.com

animation Piotr Dumala’s “Franz Kafka” via Studio Miniatur Filmowych

illustration The Forgotten Fruit of the Tree of Forgetlessness by Titus Toledo

factoid Beer is a living thing via Sierra Nevada