Harry 8TRX

Harry Morris creates all kinds of sculptures and wall hangings using stretched 8-track tapes. He was born in New Jersey and grew up travelling with his dad until they settled in Florida when he was 16. As an adult, after a stint as construction house painter, he became a travelling antiques dealer. It wasn’t until later in life that he became an artist, after trying to donate his 8-track tapes to an artist friend. When his artist friend refused the tapes, Morris went on to create for himself an 8-track tape robot. One day an unused piece of tape was stretched, moving the robot around. He created a dog at first. Other sculptures followed. That led him to create the sculptures that he creates today.

resurrection of jimi hendrix by harry morris

Resurrection of Jimi Hendrix

running on empty by harry morris

Running on Empty

"magic mushrooms" by harry morris

Magic Mushrooms

"dragonfly's" by harry morris