Dedicated to the fiercely few independent interdisciplinary authors and artists around the world who seek a more openly renegade and inclusively experimental platform to freely contribute their current efforts and explorations in underground exploratory art and literature in the new medium. We welcome all manner of works and in-the-works— no matter if prominent or emergent, raw or rare, revered or reviled— including and most especially those that attempt to extend the frontiers of method and content: New visions and new voices that engender new dimensions of thought, sense, and transcendence. Founded on July 21, 2000, This, Man, Is, Spread.
spread - new underground art + literature
spread is new underground exploratory art + literature

Call for Spread

Not too long ago, across what was then called the World Wild Web, there spread Spread, or what the late , given half the chance, might have, willy-nilly, described as “almost animal, more likely amoeba, but always anomaly.” Read: “beautiful freak.”

Or so we would like to believe.

Still, this much was set in stone: Here was an 8-bit, third world “homepage” calling for the global propagation of what it refers to as “underground exploratory art and literature” to create, curate, and celebrate in the then “new” medium.

Yeah. Right. Good luck, but— Not. For. Long.

By 2010, a full decade’s sweep, reap, and heap of exciting, eclectic esoterica served by a motley mob of maverick wordsmiths and swordsmiths, foraging and forging whatever possible and impossible sentence and sentience, have since graced and grazed the pages of Spread.

In the seemingly indefinite interim that ensued, the sixteen-issue stint comprising the sum of what was and what finally became of Spread seemed to have sufficed to pronounce the stunt a success, the experiment conclusive, and the case close — the charge/hypothesis/premise of artists/writers and audiences/readers of diverse interests and inclinations either collectively or independently conspiring to define and refine a common zeitgeist.

sprd is dead! long live sprd!

Yet, inevitably so, comes now, from coma to comma, this all-too familiar call or recall to hopefully engage, enrol, and enlist past, present, and future surveyors and purveyors of the intrepid and the inspired to—once again and, this time, with feelings!—spread it out, deep and wide and good.

Because, as the old rascallion puts it: “The good always comes back.”

This, here, serves as an open invitation, as it was then and as it is now, to all artists and authors of free thought and technique, who are unceasingly challenging and exhausting the breadth and spread of the interwebs in which to stage and wage their labors of love.

Everything and nothing has changed. The scheme of things with Spread has simply charged nth degrees up for still the sheer love of immersing into and spreading new underground exploratory love in the same endearingly hyphenated hypertextual-digital-virtual-metaphysical-conceptual-surreal body electric.

We’re back.

For Good.

Now please do let it spread with warm wild creative juices flowing—


#Notes from the New Underground


About Spread

Who We Are/What We Are

We are a loosely informal, unofficial, noncommercial, interdisciplinary arts and literary collective with an international contributing cast of independent authors, artists, coders, and creatives who have chosen to name the “gravity” that informs our varying aesthetic orbits, this proudly precarious and eternally emergent core movement of ours—this animal, vegetable, mineral: goddess or golem—spread.


Our vision/mission (as it was in the past and as it is in the present):

“This site is a gesture dedicated to the free creation, propagation, and dissemination of new underground exploratory art and literature. This site is an attempt — sustained by the promise of new technologies and summoned by the premise that art, or perhaps more aptly, the grave and grand gasp and grasp of the humanities, must cease not to pick, to pry, to probe, to plough down the fences — to provide a free clearinghouse for artists, artisans, authors, and auteurs of whatever merit, method, or manner who boldly share the same boundless verve and verb for experimentation, exploration, and innovation, in seeking to extend the frontiers of form, function, and content, in order to establish or cause to establish a parallel portal or a platform, if you will, where one might, through one’s work, be free to engender one’s truth, engage and empower intellect and intuition: to turn on, tune in, spread out. Foma, foma, foma... Here and now, we have chosen to name this gesture and attempt: spread.”


Under the Hood & Smoking

Rosendo M. Makabali

Papa Osmubal
Managing Editor

Titus Toledo


The Authors/Artists of Spread

The following is a partial alphabetical listing of authors and artists whose works have made the spreading:

Mike Paul-Anthony
Erlene R. Arinbuyutan
Susanna Bauer
Ma. Theresa M. Bernabe
Jake Berry
Harry Bertoia
Sergio Bissoli
Santiago Bou Grasso
Tom Bradley
Mez Breeze
Kevin Brock
Luke Buckham
Randall W. Collier
Carla Maria Concepcion
Gibbs Cuevas
Ranielle Cunanan
Avijeet Das
Augusto De Luca
Kevin L. Donihe
Piotr Dumala
Petter Eklov
Ann Erickson
Bob Farrell
Neil Grimmett
Etienne Gros
Drazan Gunjaca
Kristine Grace P. Hamoy
Hirotoshi Itoh
Theo Jansen
Homer Jose
David Kessel
Sean Kilpatrick
Irene Koronas
Igor Kovalyov
Maskull Lasserre
Wolfgang Lauenstein
Christoph Lauenstein
Gary Lehman
Jerry Levitan
Laurie Lipton
M.A. Littler
Anne D. Mabanta
Rosendo M. Makabali
Jojo Pasion Malig
Sedfrey Manabat
Johnny Martyr
Jaime Mendoza
Henri d'Mescan
Charlton Metcalf
Jayson Michel
Colin Momeyer
Harry Morris
Rigor Mortis
Tony Nesca
Sierra Nevada
Teknikal Nova
Mike Olbinski
Victor Gabriel Ojeda
Maurice Oliver
Stephen Oliver
Papa Osmubal
Claudio Parentela
Justin Parinello
Patricio Gabriel Plaza
Dmitri V. Poltavski
Arabella Proffer
Ian Pyper
Asim Rizki
Jake Sampana
Mylen Salamat
Killian Scarre
Dan Schneider
Davis Schneiderman
Savannah Schroll
James Sebor
Julie Ann Sempio
Lucinda Sin
Rejilah C. Siron
Natalie Sliskovic
Jeremiah Stansbury
Brent Matthew Surrat
Aimee Suzara
Doug Tanoury
Juan Carlo Toledo
Titus Toledo
Pow Tuazon
Ross Van Gogh
Jerry Vilhotti
Kurt Vonnegut
D. Garcia-Wahl
Lester Whisk
D. Harlan Wilson
Beth Wittenberg
Wayne W.H. Wolfson
Liz Worth
Durdén Ysephï